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Housetable partners with credit unions and banks of all sizes across the US, providing all the tools they need to originate Housetable Reno Equity Loans.


Stand out and win

Stand out from the crowd and grow your direct mortgage lending business by offering a unique loan that consumers need.


Access qualified borrowers

Gain access to qualified, informed, and renovation-ready borrowers.


Seamless digital experience

Leverage our end-to-end platform to make the entire experience seamless, from the loan application stage, to the renovation planning stage, to the disbursements stage.

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Why offer Housetable Reno Equity Loans today?

Cash Out ReFis Are Declining

As interest rates are rising rapidly, homeowners are already reluctant to refinance and lose their current rates, making home equity loan products critical for originators.

Housing Shortage

More than ever, new homebuyers need to consider fixer-uppers to be able to move into their target neighborhoods, and so need a rehab loan that works for them.

Work From Home Is Here To Stay

With everyone spending so much time at home, home improvements have reached new heights and have risen on all homeowners’ priority lists.

Today’s Borrower Expects Digital

With FinTech and digital banking becoming the expectation across departments, new homebuyers are more and more reluctant to deal with paper-heavy and cumbersome loans, such as 203Ks.

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