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We started Housetable to help homeowners get the most out of their home equity.

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Renovations make houses more valuable. Everyone understands this, bankers, investors and everyday people. This can be made clear when looking at the fix-and-flip industry, where investors make over $30B per year just by buying houses, renovating them and reselling them shortly after. This became especially clear to us during our years building software solutions for professional investment managers.

Although, while professional investors have the opportunity to capitalize using these techniques, everyday homeowners do not have access to these opportunities.

Our homes are not only the place where we create our most cherished memories, but for the vast majority of Americans it is also our biggest financial asset. Therefore my partners and I set out on a mission to make it possible for homeowners to leverage this asset and grow it, the same way as investors do with commercial real estate. 

While we are also passionate about making it feasible for homeowners to renovate their homes and improve their space, just for the sake of living a more comfortable life - we are especially passionate about helping homeowners leverage their home to grow their wealth.

- David Benizri
Co-Founder and CEO

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