Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs)

Housetable empowers Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) to grow their businesses by enabling millions of borrowers to increase their borrowing power.
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Grow your business by supplementing your current mortgage products with a Housetable Home Equity loan

Housetable’s home equity loans are underwritten based on the after-renovation value (ARV) of a borrower's home. This allows homeowners with limited home equity to pay for renovation projects using a home equity loan, while benefitting from their unbeatably low-interest rates.

Better than a construction loan

Unlike legacy renovation loans, such as 203Ks, Housetable leverages technology to make the underwriting process smooth, efficient, and paperwork-free for you and your clients. We also do all of our inspections digitally to make life easier for both borrowers and their contractors.

Grow your Realtor partnerships

By supplementing your existing mortgage products with Housetable’s Home Equity loans, you make it possible for borrowers and their Realtors to target fixer-uppers in a way which they can afford.

Access a new pool of clients

Millions of households cannot qualify for home equity loans due to "insufficient home equity". Using Housetable, millions of households can now qualify and you can grow your market.

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